kitchen makeover ideas (2)

Wallet friendly kitchen makeover ideas

Since homeowners spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen preparing meals for the family, it needs to be ...

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designing a sustainable kitchen (4)

Your checklist to designing a sustainable kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in your home. Rightly so as this is the place where not ...

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Simple human sensor trash can

Innovative and high-tech trash cans for the modern kitchen

When we think of the kitchen, the first thing that comes to your mind is the décor, utensils, countertop etc. ...

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country kitchen style (2)

Get a perfect country kitchen style with these design essentials

The country kitchen style has its own charm and elegance. While there can be several ideas for designing your kitchen ...

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path of a modern kitchen (3)

These new trends will put you on the path of a modern kitchen

Just like the other rooms in your house your kitchen too needs to look chic and special. You should make ...

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Samsung’s new smart oven

Shower more love on your kitchen and cooking with smart ovens

Cooking is awesome. Though some may have a natural liking for the art, there are few who do it as ...

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kitchen 2

Bring together elements of vintage and modern design for your kitchen

If you are soon going to renovate your kitchen,consider going for a fresh new look. By making a few changes ...

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beautify your lovely kitchen (6)

Innovative ideas for ceiling decoration to beautify your lovely kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important places in your home. This is the place where meals are cooked ...

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test tube

Spicy DIY ways to store and organize your kitchen spices

There is no need to spend a lot when you want to give an interesting design or organization to your ...

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plastic-coated melamine cabinets (4)

Protect your plastic-coated melamine cabinets through paint or just some repair

Many of you may be having plastic melamine coating on your kitchen cabinets. There are times when this coating starts ...

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farm house kitchen (1)

Hacks to organize your kitchen more efficiently

Everybody needs to get to work on time, believe me an organized kitchen will help. We have these easy hacks ...

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kitchen countertop organized (1)

Easy yet effective ways to keep your kitchen countertop organized

Having a small or a huge kitchen countertop is not a problem, but to keep it organized is. People usually ...

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