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10 weird kitchen gadgets

Weird kitchen gadgets

Different types of kitchen gadgets are really a pleasure to work with. Most of them are the product of latest technological advancements. They have stylish and sleek designs to match to your modern kitchen design. If you think that your kitchen is ready to welcome an array of these products, check out what’s available in the market. Here are 10 weird kitchen gadgets.

1. Salter Nutrition Scale

Here is a device that analyzes your food and gives you the details about the amount of proteins, calories, sugars, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, cholesterol, sodium, GI value etc. You can then see the result on an LCD screen. The Salter Scale does this with the help of a database of 1440 foods and liquid items. It can also tell you the amount of food you ate on a day. The cost is $99.

2. Smart Oven

Samsung and Bird’s Eye Frozen Foods have together developed a smart oven that can cook after reading the ‘smart codes’ found on the packages. People who are looking for ultimate convenience may choose to buy such items for their kitchen. All you need to do is to scan and cook. The price is $525.

3. All in one Kitchen Device

The all in one kitchen device is from GE. It has a large touch screen display with touch sensors all over the surface of the screen. Other features of the device include water purification with ultraviolet lighting, OLED primary lighting, etc. The eco friendly device can help you to load the dishwashing detergent in large quantity and dispenses it with the algorithms to reduce the left over cleaning agents in the wastewater.

4. LiteOn’s Smart Label

Use the LiteOn smart label to minimize your grocery shopping bills. When the foods items like milk etc near the expiry date the device can sense it and it automatically changes the color from green and turns red. The item can be purchased for a discounted price.

5. Homepub

This is a special device that has a professional tap system, fridge and freezer, etc. This device is especially for you if you need draught beer sitting at home. The system can quickly chill the bottles using a rapid cooling system. The product has not yet been released in the market.

6. Toasterkettle

The new product is by Lewis Green. The specialty of the product is that it can boil water and toast your bread simultaneously. You can save a lot of time and enjoy your breakfast in your own way.

7. Island Kitchen

The device comes with a sensory receptor that has two free island units that are freestanding, wall cladding system, modular cabinet system and various multimedia devices. All you need to do is touch any button to switch on your favorite music, browse the web or create an ambient lighting using a control panel.

8. Tetris Cooking Timer

The cooking timer is available in two colors, black and white. The device uses some tetris-style blocks on the screen. When the screen is full it means that your cooking is complete. The cost of the device is $40.

9. Interactive LED Dining Table

You can own one of the most cool dining tables with 448 multicored LED lights. They are controlled with a 16 node and 1-D analog computer network. They also respond to the input generated on the table.

10. Keyboard Tablecloth

If you want to have a clean and neat keyboard, then use the keyboard tablecloth designed by Tonia Welter. The electronic components are interwoven into the fabric between the layers that are water resistant too.

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