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10 Must have kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen is a very important part of the house. An efficient kitchen is the key point of a happy household. The kitchen should be designed in a triangle base so that work can be done easily. A good kitchen should have the three most important things, that is preparatory area, cooking stove and sink. Appliances in the kitchen are very important. Kitchen appliances enhance the look of a kitchen. Modern day kitchens have variety of designs, types and sizes which enhances the look of a kitchen. The kitchen appliances make cooking easier. Here is a list of 10 must have kitchen appliances. Have a look!

1. Cooking stove: Gas stove is the most important appliance that you should have in your kitchen. Kitchen stoves are a method of direct heating. There are many kinds of cooking stoves. A gas stove can either have a pipe network or a cylinder.

2. Fridge: Fridge or refrigerator is a common household product. It is a cooling food storage device which cuts the bacteria rates and helps to save food.

3. Sink: A kitchen sink is used for washing dishes, vegetables, fish and meat. The different type of kitchen sinks available in the market according to requirement.

4. Oven: A microwave oven gives out heat in the form of light to cook food and cooks very many variety of food. It usually used for baking, roasting, heating or drying food. It is an easier method of cooking and consumes lesser time.

5. Mixer Grinder: It is one of the best kitchen appliances for grinding spices and making juices with the help of its blades.

6. Dishwasher: Manual washing of dishes have become a very difficult job in kitchen. Dishwasher makes the work easier and stress free. Dishwasher is a mechanical appliance used for washing unclean utensils. It removes dirt properly spraying warm water. A mix of detergent and water is used. It completely cleans the utensils making it dry.

7. Cook tops: It has a number of stoves on top of the oven itself. A cook top has 4 stoves, many racks which are removable and other different settings. A cook top saves money on gas stove. It is electric based and plugs into any electrical point. The benefit of cook top is temperature can be set while cooking.

8. Rice cooker: It is a kitchen appliance which cooks rice along with it steams meat and vegetables. A rice cooker also cooks soup, stews, cereals and desserts. One of the features of rice cooker is that it can cook rice slowly as well as quickly. Rice cooker helps to keep the rice warm till it is being eaten.

9. Sandwich makers and toasters: A toaster is an electric kitchen appliance which is used to toast bread. A toaster is easy to use and quick. It pops up when the bread is toasted. A sandwich maker is used to grill sandwich making it easy to eat and to warm up the filling.

10. Coffee blender: It makes hot coffee by the press of a button. It has a carafe or glass and hot plate, filter basket, and water reservoir and coffee pot. It is very easy to use.

Kitchen appliances are a crucial part of life and every household is depended on the electric kitchen gadgets. Thus kitchen appliances help to make day to day work less painful and easy.

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